hi. totes abandoning this blog. i have another one~

if you can find it you win a cookie. js. <3

love you all. bye bye. 

1 year ago on May 03, 2012 at 02:16pm

Anonymous asked: do you still have your other blog

what other blog.

So…I made this video for @NotSuperman and @mocheenim. I’m not really into Kstuff, and it’s only my second vid, but err. Enjoy it anyway?

OK, to be perfectly honest, this is my way of working up something to show my dad so that I could go to art school. Multimedia Arts. Showing him manips and stuff too. I had fun while making this though and if I made my friends happy because of it, it’s also a plus. xD

I do not get paid for this, sadly. Clips and song aren’t mine either, and that’s quite sad as well.

Song: Everything I Ask For - The Maine.

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